Which Cleaner Should I Use?

Which Cleaner Should I Use?


In our years of formulating cleaning products, there has always been new cleaning challenges that require us to create new products. In creating these--we consider the soils and surfaces to be cleaned, along with the person on the other end doing the cleaning. In addition to these considerations, we also incorporate the ever changing environmental, health, and safety concerns. As a result, LauraKay Innovations created Four cleaning product choices: CleanVation Everyday, CleanVation HD, OxyVation and BioVation. But which one should you use and where can you use it?



CleanVation Everyday



CleanVation Everyday was specially designed to be used as your go to multi-purpose cleaner that you can use everyday! Just as the product name suggests. It meets the challenge of being effective on most soils, not harming most surfaces, yet being appropriate for the person doing the cleaning. As an everyday use product, it is important to us that the person doing the cleaning enjoys the cleaning experience. For this reason, CleanVation Everyday is offered in a variety of pleasant scents*, as well as unscented for those sensitive to fragrance oils.

Where to Use CleanVation Everyday:

  • Food Soils- commonly found on kitchen countertops, tables, appliances, and floors
  • Glass & Mirrors- common soils on glass tabletops, vanities, sliding doors, wall mirrors, washer and dryer glass doors, and microwave ovens
  • Other Soils-any other areas that are a part of your everyday cleaning routine

*NOTE: Offered in Lemon, Island Breeze, Cinnamon Apple, Peppermint, Morning Comfort, Bubble Gum, and Unscented. 


Use considerations: CleanVation Everyday is concentrated. Wipe surfaces clean with a water rinse, or dilute concentrate with water. Rinse hands after use.



CleanVation HD


CleanVation HD stands for “heavy duty.” Therefore, this cleaner was formulated to be more effective on the following tougher soils and is also available in multiple scents*: 

  • Grease – commonly found on kitchen stoves, vent hoods, cooktops, and ovens
  • Body Oils – commonly found on bathroom sinks, tubs, showers, and cloths
  • Cosmetics – makeup and lipstick residues commonly found on bathroom sinks
  • Marks & Stains – commonly from inks, markers, gum, sodas, and petroleum products

*NOTE: Offered in Lemon, Lavender, and Unscented upon request 


Use considerations: Wearing gloves is recommended due to CleanVation HD containing a degreasing solvent. (Note: The organic solvent used in CleanVation HD is included in EPA’s Cleangredients database of safer ingredients.)

Rinse painted and plastic surfaces with water after each use.






When to use OxyVation?

OxyVation is a multi-surface, germ fighting cleaner formulated with the power of Hydrogen Peroxide to be more effective in cleaning the following:

  • Germ suspected areas – Sinks, tubs, showers, toilets, fixtures, waste cans, door handles, and common touch points in the home
  • Mold & Mildew – commonly found in showers, around kitchen and bathroom fixtures, and in dark damp areas
  • Stains – commonly found on carpets, upholstery, and clothing
  • Odors – commonly from drains, waste areas, clothing, carpet, and upholstery.  

*NOTE: Offered in Lavender and Unscented upon request. 

Use considerations: While the level of Hydrogen Peroxide used is not considered hazardous, we recommend wearing gloves in case of skin sensitivity. Rinse surfaces with water after use. 





When to use BioVation?

BioVation is a probiotic cleaner based on multiple strains of enzyme-producing, non-toxic, “good” bacteria spores. Unlike standard multi-purpose cleaners which clean only on the surface, BioVation can clean deep into porous surfaces digesting grime, grease, and other soils trapped below the surface. Use BioVation to clean the following:

  • Carpet and Fabric – BioVation soaks deep into carpet fibers and carpet backing to actively break down and digest waste found below the surface. It will then continue working for days until there is no longer any waste to digest, ridding odors and stains at the source.
  • Stone countertops – BioVation enters crevices where waste may enter and become entrapped, and it breaks down the waste to eliminate stains and odors. 
  • Drains – Daily treatment with BioVation keeps drains flowing freely and rids of mal odors.
  • Other – Common areas where organic waste from people and/or pets exist, rough bathtub and shower surfaces where soil accumulates, toilets, garbage cans, pet cages, tile, and grout.   

Use considerations: BioVation is a ready-to-use concentrate. Shake container before use. Wipe clean area to be treated and rinse any previous cleaning solution before application.

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