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As we welcome the new year with open arms, it's a beautiful opportunity for a fresh beginning and a commitment to well-being. Many of us embark on a journey of healthier living, and in this season, the "Daniel Fast" emerges as a heartwarming choice. Before we delve into a purer way to cleanse your fruits and vegetables, let's explore the roots of the Daniel Fast and its modern interpretation.

Discovering the Daniel Fast: A Nourishing Path from the Pages of the Bible

The Daniel Fast traces its roots back to the Old Testament, particularly the book of Daniel (Chapter 1, verses 8-16). In essence, Daniel and his companions chose to abstain from the sumptuous feast provided by the Babylonian king. Instead, they tested the king's food against their chosen diet of vegetables and water for ten days. Remarkably, 

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Which Cleaner Should I Use?

In our years of formulating cleaning products, there has always been new cleaning challenges that require us to create new products.

As a result, LauraKay Innovations created Four cleaning product choices: CleanVation Everyday, CleanVation HD, OxyVation and BioVation. But which one should you use and where can you use it?

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