About Us

A HERitage of Love

LauraKay Innovations is about honoring the Mothers and Wives in our lives. My dad, the Patented Chemist behind your LKI Products, and myself created LauraKay Innovations to honor my warm and wholesome Grandmother (Laura) and my compassionate and innovative Mother (Kay). No doubt about it, both of these women would go above and beyond to express so much love to you, making sure you had everything you need for you and your family. That is why we put our focus into delivering value, quality environmentally responsible ingredients, safety, highly effective formulas and the attentive customer care you deserve.


Grandma Laura of LauraKay Innovations




LauraKay Innovations has been delivering results since we opened in 1989. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers. 

We wear our compassion for creating environmentally safer and greener products that does not compromise quality, efficiency or integrity. 

Comprised of proven scientists, LauraKay Innovations has over 30 years of experience in Lab Research and Responsible Cleaning Development and is passionate about exceeding your expectations.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback or suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.


The Spirit of LauraKay Innovations

LauraKay Innovations embodies the love and creativity of my mother (Laura) and the caring of my wife (Kay). As we formulate the products of LauraKay Innovations it is done with Laura’s love and Kay’s caring. 

Laura who passed away in the pandemic year of 2020, was the consummate mother who loved to cook wholesome delicious food and desserts, while maintaining a well-cleaned immaculate home. Often when you walked into her home you would smell the scent of yummy warm buttered rolls, cakes, and pies. Of these, you were always offered to eat there or take some home. Laura studied food recipes to take on the challenge of making them and then using her innovation to make them better. To all who experienced her food her innovative touch added the “frosting on the cake”. She created volumes of handwritten recipes to make sure to recapture her creations. 

Laura’s passion for cooking equaled her passion for being well dressed. Each day she would dress like she was going to a formal occasion. Often you would find her in the kitchen cooking wearing a three-piece outfit. While doing a lot of cooking, she also did a lot of cleaning, using her namesake Laurakay Innovations products. She often commented to people that she enjoyed using the products because as an asthmatic, she was able to get things clean without the smell of the cleaner sending her into laboring asthma. She mentioned the products left a “good smell”, the frosting on the cake. 

Laura’s mission everyday was to “make people happy”. She did this through serving delicious food, providing clean hospitality, offering kind encouragement, giving a “piece of change” (money), and serving the Lord.     

Kay has a big heart that causes her to go out of her way to care for others. She knows no strangers, taking up conversations wherever she goes. Through this, she makes many acquaintances, many of which need food. She participates in food drives to provide needed food to those who cannot get it while they are at work. She loads up a van full of donated food and delivers it to those people she remembers in need from fast food workers to day care aids. Making deliveries thought the day and late at night until the van is empty. She has connected with people who also provide to others. She delivers to them so they can in turn provide to their network of those in need. She has gone out of her way to find a person in need who frequents a spot to ask for food, hoping to find them there again to offer food, or support.   

The mission of LauraKay Innovations is to embody the spirit of Laura and Kay. Creating products that are wholesome, using ingredients that are safer for us and the environment. Like Laura being innovative to find more effective ingredients to formulate a better product. Like Laura adding that “frosting on the cake” through offering special scents using safer and natural fragrances. Like Kay, always showing care for our customers through providing safer, green, and effective products, and caring for our customer’s needs in the way we communicate and support.

-William Embry CEO Cofounder of the LauraKay Innovations brand, Founder of Emtech Labs, Chemist

-Keion Embry CMA Cofounder of LauraKay Innovations brand