Natural All Purpose Cleaning Products

Odors can be a stinky pain! So get rid of them and control them with these great odor solutions. Although these products are designed specifically to freshen the air, they function as ecofriendly all purpose cleaning products that are perfect for fabric odors, pet areas, carpet odors, hard surfaces, and air freshening! Whenever you need natural all purpose cleaning products that also make your home smell beautiful, you can’t go wrong with products made to freshen fabrics and the air.

At LauraKay Innovations, we specialize in safe, natural, and ecofriendly cleaning products. Instead of petroleum-based chemicals, we use natural ingredients in all of our ecofriendly all purpose cleaning products. You can trust that you’re breathing in truly refreshed air when you use our deodorizers, fabric cleaners, and natural all purpose cleaning products. Take a look at our air and fabric fresheners below and reach out if you have any questions!