Customer Appreciation Giveaway Announcement!

Customer Appreciation Giveaway Announcement!

Introducing, Drumroll please.... Customer Appreciation Monthly Giveaway!

To show our appreciation for your support of us, LauraKay Innovations, each month beginning May 2nd, 2022 we will have a drawing to announce and award a FREE gift to one of our very special customers. Drawings are completely random and will be selected from our list of customers who've purchased the month prior.

We love to love you and enjoy finding ways to give back to everyone who has supported us. We hope that this hits home for you, as your support does for us. Check out the guidelines below to see how to enter and how to claim your prize!


  • Eligibility: To be eligible for the gift drawing, simply complete a valid purchase during the month prior to the drawing. For example, make a purchase during April to become eligible for the May 2nd drawing. When placing your order, ensure you have provided your email address and the name you choose to be announced for the drawing so we may contact you if you are selected. If you have already made a purchase and you have not provided an email address, please contact us with your preferred email address for contact.
  • Receive, regift, or donate: You can choose where the gift will be sent. 1) Gifts can be sent directly to you. 2) Gifts can be donated to someone else of your choosing or donated to your favorite cause with their permission.
  • The drawing will take place live on Instagram on the second day of the month. For your privacy we will announce the gift recipient by the announcement name you provide.
  • You cannot be awarded a gift in consecutive (back-to-back) months.
  • We suggest that you provide a phone number to be contacted in case the email goes to spam. Your phone number will not be shared with any third party.
  • If we are unable to contact the person selected by email or phone by the fourth of the month, a drawing will be repeated, and a new recipient will be announced during the first week of the month.

Note: LauraKay Innovations gift recipients are selected at the discretion of Emtech Laboratories, Inc.

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